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COVID-19 Promising Practices Repository in Collaboration with India COVID SOS

Identifying and sharing promising practices in COVID-19 management and patient care in India

In Maharashtra, India, COVID-19 patients are treated in an ICU.
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India COVID SOS (ICSOS) is an international volunteer group of scientists, clinicians, engineers, policy makers, community organizers, and industrial partners working to develop and promote evidence-based solutions to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis in communities.

ICSOS reached out to Exemplars in Global Health to collate and share emerging promising practices in COVID-19 patient care and pandemic management. Our teams are curating a set of case studies that highlight interventions and practices that have driven meaningful outcomes across India. Although the methodology or “promising practice(s)” selection process will differ from the overall approach taken by EGH, we anticipate these case studies to reflect critical decisions and actions that have led to successes, even amidst the challenges of the second wave of COVID-19 in India. We will distribute the case studies broadly to support decision makers and leaders in various health care settings in India. In turn, these decision makers can leverage these promising practices by adapting them to their contexts as part of their ongoing pandemic response.

What support is Exemplars in Global Health providing?

Our team and partners are creating a repository of promising practices to support decision makers and managers at the facility, district, state, and national levels. To do so, we developed a COVID-19 management framework to help identify promising practices and cases studies for selection. The framework covers the following themes:

  • Health commodities
  • Public health and social measures
  • Health system adaptation
  • Patient journey

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To identify promising practices, Exemplars in Global Health and ICSOS are leveraging their expert networks to crowdsource existing guidelines, standard operating protocols, and policies that resulted in positive outlier cases. Through extensive research, including interviews with key experts and analyses of primary documentation, we are developing informational narratives outlining the key details, outcomes, and impact of each case.

The cases will be vetted by a panel of technical experts, including researchers, engineers, physicians, and epidemiologists, and then published for broader dissemination.

Exemplars in Global Health and ICSOS are collaborating with Global Health Strategies, Evalueserve, and others to source, develop, and disseminate promising practices.



As part of a targeted engagement strategy, we will disseminate a set of case studies that detail replicable promising practices to stakeholders in India, such as hospital and health facility managers, district administrators, state health officials, and national health leaders.

We will supplement the case studies with videos, infographics, and other materials to facilitate broader understanding and sharing among end users.

This work has potential to equip decision makers to not only adapt practices within their own settings, but also to encourage adoption in other appropriate settings.


Want to know more about COVID-19 successes in India?

Visit our India COVID-19 Care platform to stay up to date on the growing repository of promising practices. Comment or post questions to be connected to the teams working on these case studies.

If you are interested in other Exemplars in Global Health work on COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 Response topic page.

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