Our network includes prominent academic researchers, global health experts, and in-country program implementation specialists. We answer questions and provide clarifications related to the research on this site, as well as guidance on global health challenges related to our work.

Ask an expert

Ask an Expert

Exemplars staff are available to answer questions that clarify our research, insights, methodology, and conclusions.

Guided Learning and Technical Advisory

Staffed by leading global researchers and in-country experts, these services help country health ministries and their partners explore new solutions and optimize existing programs. 

What to expect

Most questions submitted using the form below will receive a response within five business days. Complex questions, support, and research may require additional time. All responses will reference insights from leading researchers and global health experts who are members of the Exemplars network. Background information on our community of experts is available here. Details on Exemplars research partners are available on the About page. All questions are treated with the utmost discretion.


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Connect directly with topic and country experts in global health.

Please be specific and include necessary contextual and background information for us to connect you to the right person and ensure we provide the most helpful response.