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We share our analysis of countries that have made extraordinary progress in health outcomes.

The quickest path to success at scale is to identify who has already been successful, find out why, and adapt their strategy to your own circumstances. Exemplars in Global Health aims to help guide public health decision makers around the world through this process.



We conduct objective and rigorous research and turn it into actionable lessons to help funders and policymakers make strategic decisions. Our goal is to help you increase your impact.

Leading by Example

We make it easier for decision-makers to replicate large-scale global health successes through evidence-based narratives. Our hope is that the lessons contained in this growing list of narratives will be a resource to leaders committed to improving health and finding success in their countries.

At the core of Exemplars in Global Health is the hypothesis that we can learn from countries that have achieved extraordinary progress. These positive outliers are Exemplars. Watch to learn more.

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Objective Research

Exemplars in Global Health uses standardized methods to pinpoint countries that outperformed peers in key health outcomes, beyond what would be expected from their economic growth. Guided by global and in-country experts, we also consider geographic diversity, data availability, and research feasibility to select Exemplar candidates. We then conduct further research and analysis to validate our initial assessment.

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